Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Physics of Speed Skating

This is Team 4's glogster. It will teach you about the basic rules, history,equipment, and physics of speed skating. Also, it has the three winners from the 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver. Enjoy!!:)


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  2. Puja, you and your team did a great job on your glogster! You might want to fix some spelling mistakes though. In the last sentence of the history I think a "d" is supposed to be a "g". Also, originated is spelled wrong in the fun facts. I love the layout of the glogster though! Great job!

  3. Very good job!
    Please embed the Glogster in the blog posting, do not just link it.
    Provide a clear explanation about what you mean by Newton's Third Law. Which force acting on the skier is responsible for moving him forward. Please re-write the sentence.

  4. When an object (in this case the luge) is rounding a curve, the force that keeps it in a curve is the centripetal force which in this case is provided by friction and it is explained by Newton's Second Law.
    In your Glogster it is incorrectly quoted as Netwon's Third Law.